Stylish Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Refreshing Makeover

Add some style and character to your bathroom by decorating with decor pieces that reflect your design aesthetic. Choose framed art with scenic landscapes or nature photos for a calming atmosphere, or whimsical prints for added fun like Sister Parish Design has done in their powder room design.

Try hanging your towels on a ladder as an innovative and decorative solution to keep them neat while adding some flair to the space so you can enjoy a nice shower time after your slot play session over It keeps things orderly while adding flair.

Color scheme

Bathrooms are ideal places for adding pops of color without overpowering an area. A striped shower curtain, floral wallpaper or patterned floor tile can add eye-catching hues that remain neutral enough to work in with other elements in your space. A framed print featuring soothing messages or eye-catching designs also helps add pops of vibrant hue without overwhelming your space.

Some may worry that dark colors will make their small space seem smaller, but this decorating myth has long since been disproved. Darker walls actually can help brighten a bathroom by creating depth. All it takes to make this work is selecting the appropriate hue: In this bathroom design by designer Daniel Boudreaux using rich green walls with blue accents add depth while adding an eye-catching mirror like this blue wavy one adds pops of color that easily coordinates with other decor elements in this bathroom design.

Use of a theme is an effective way to ensure that your bathroom decor remains cohesive and stylish, especially if the room features fixed elements such as tiles or flooring. For instance, if your bathroom contains blue-and-white fixtures and cabinets, creating a beach-inspired theme by adding tropical prints or ocean blue wall paint would help tie everything together nicely. When finished off with matching bath accessories you have created an eye-catching space!

Add color and life to your bathroom by switching out soft surfaces like window treatments, rugs, towels and the vanity itself. Or add instant style by backing storage shelves with colored paper or wrapping bins in wide ribbon.

If you want to add an eye-catching splash of color to your bathroom, try painting its ceiling – or the fifth wall as designers refer to it – a vibrant hue. Here, designers used Little Greene’s Carmine paint on the ceiling while Farrow & Ball Arsenic shutters provided balance within their scheme for a modern bathroom that features vivid hues with easy update options in future years.


There is an array of bathroom accessories that can add color and texture to your design, including hand towels, fluffy bath mats, soap dishes and toothbrush holders in complementary hues or finishes. Also add decorative vases filled with fresh flowers or candles on shelves as part of creating an intimate ambiance in your bathroom space; opt for a luxurious chandelier if desired for even greater visual impact!

Refresh your bathroom without breaking the bank by switching out your shower curtain. Opt for something patterned for an bohemian aesthetic, or keep things modern by opting for taupe or gray hues; for something bolder try dark green or pistachio shades to add pops of color!

Small adjustments that can have a big impact include replacing cabinet hardware, adding frames to plain mirrors or updating light fixtures in your room. Re-caulking and re-grouting your bathtub, shower or sink may also give them new life!

If you want to add an eye-catching accent, consider switching out the plumbing fixtures for something with an exciting new finish. Polished chrome and nickel are timeless options; for something truly distinctive try adding brass or gold accents in bold patterns or hues for a dynamic touch.

When on a budget, consider upcycling furniture from around your home, browsing Facebook Marketplace or local flea markets for vintage pieces to upcycle into open vanities or wallpapering over an old apothecary bottle to store bath salts and other trinkets.

Wall art

Updating soft surfaces such as window treatments, rugs and towels is an easy way to bring life back into any bathroom without using tools. Colorful window treatments add personality and charm while woven wall hangings and colorful rugs draw the eye away from boring tile. If you’re feeling creative you could even back your own storage bins with wide ribbon or wrap shower curtain rods with wide ribbon for a customized look!

Adding a touch of glamour to any bathroom is as easy as adding decorative accessories like this brass starburst chandelier, which adds instantaneous style. In powder rooms, adding gold sconces or brass toothbrush holders and soap dispensers also instantly elevate the space.

Painting or refinishing cabinet doors is an affordable and fast way to update your bathroom quickly. M Lavender Interiors used this method in a dark green bathroom by painting over existing drab cabinets in order to add bolder colors that draw the eye away from dull fixtures and draw more dramatic ones out from hiding behind them.

Mirrored backsplashes and matching jute-framed mirrors draw the eye upward, creating the impression of more space. This trick works especially well in narrow bathrooms where adding mirrors makes the room feel larger and brighter.

A linen closet can be an indispensable aid when it comes to organizing and decorating the bathroom. This glass-front armoire keeps all toiletries close at hand while boasting an eye-catching design that complements any decor style. If space doesn’t permit one, use baskets or chests instead to corral towels and other bathroom necessities for an organized yet chic look that is easy to maintain.


Addition of simple accessories can instantly update a drab bathroom. A decorative soap dish and soap pump, toothbrush/pen holders, baskets to store linens/toys etc, new wastebasket with tissue box holder/tissue box cover holder combination or glass vase can do wonders in making an otherwise dull bathroom space vibrant again. Investing a bit extra could also yield added color and texture like adding window treatments such as curtains/blinds to add color/texture in the space.

Bring nature into your bathroom by using organic materials. A wood stool, maidenhair fern or woven basket are great ways to add textural contrast while real plants may require care that you might find hard to manage; there are plenty of faux botanicals available which look real but require less upkeep.

Make a piece of furniture into a vanity to add both storage and an individualized touch to any room. Make an antique piece or dresser into a bathroom vanity by simply cutting a hole for a sink and faucet, using open shelves as storage bins below, and adding baskets. Reviving old furniture, or saving on costly cabinetry is easy with paint! Framing a mirror with art or displaying vase collections like Hecker Guthrie has done is also an inexpensive non-permanent upgrade that you can quickly change with decor upgrades.


Your bathroom can easily add a springtime vibe by incorporating flowers, both real and faux, into the space. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths make great accents because of their vibrant hues that will brighten any area. Placed in a vase on the vanity or tucked between towels they create a cheerful ambience in any bathroom space. Use flowery wall art alongside these blooming beauties for maximum effect!

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to decorate a bathroom is by creating a theme for it. Doing this can be fun and inexpensive way to give your room an updated look without breaking the bank. Start with choosing your color scheme, then add smaller accessories that reflect your personal style – for instance if you prefer beach-inspired decor then choose colorful shower curtains and seashell decorations; for sophisticated vibes try monochrome palette with modern furniture instead.

As part of your bathroom decorating strategy, adding woven storage solutions is another smart move. Baskets and trays can help keep towels and toiletries organized while adding visual interest to the room – they are also an affordable way to reduce clutter.

Wood paneling may appear outdated, but when applied appropriately it can create stunning visuals. If you love mid-century modern style but don’t want to commit to an entire remodel project, covering one or two walls in wood paneling could create a focal point that draws the eye in an instantaneous upgrade for your bathroom! Plus, its bold texture adds texture that gives any bathroom an instant modern makeover!