Simple DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Every Home Owner

Are you tired of the way you bathroom looks currently? These simple diy bathroom remodel ideas can help you make it more modern and attractive.

Simple DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Add A Beautiful Mirror

DIY Bathroom Remodel
Hang pictures vertically

This is one of the easiest diy bathroom remodel tips that can transform the look and feel of your bathroom in minutes. By adding a large, decorative mirror that has a unique frame (i.e a seashell encrusted frame or tiled frame), you’ll not only optimize lighting, but also add the much needed interest, texture, style to your bathroom.

Hang Pictures Vertically

Is your bathroom small with narrow, angled walls? It’s not a bad thing after all. You can take advantage of this fact to make the room look beautiful and more spacious. So, how do you do this? Vertically arrange several small prints or large canvases on the walls to help draw the eye upwards. This will create an impression of roominess in your bathroom.

Add Attractive Bathroom Storage Systems

Create more space in your bathroom by installing an attractive storage shelf on one of the walls, and neatly arranging all your accessories such as toiletries, bath salts etc, there. And in case you have so much to store, consider buying a bathroom wardrobe style system. This will help hide non-essential items, thereby making your bathroom look less cluttered.

Add Decals

One great thing about bathroom decals is that they are affordable, as well as easy to install and remove. This makes them suitable for people who love changing the décor in their bathroom more often. They are available in different colors, styles and sizes, hence finding what you like shouldn’t be a problem. Try hanging these gems in groups that match the shape and angles of the walls, and you’ll see what difference they’ll make in your bathroom.

Decorate With Tiles

This is another diy bathroom remodel idea that can dramatically transform your dull and plain bathroom into a modern, sophisticated and relaxing room. Use stylish tiles in your most preferred colors and patterns to cover the floor, walls, shower, tub surrounds etc. Though it will cost you a bit of money, the end result will be all worth it.

Optimize Lighting

Bathroom lightning
Bathroom lightning

Large windows and mirrors help in optimizing natural lighting in the bathroom. So, ensure your windows are wide open during the day to allow free air circulation. At night, light some candles next to the tub to create a relaxing atmosphere, and have a warm bath before going to sleep.

Add Bold, Vibrant Colors

Add bold and vibrant colors to give some personality to your dull bathroom. You can do so by adding vibrant accessories like shower curtains and towels to add more life into the room.

Note that you can also use artworks to give your bathroom some much needed style and energy. Just ensure that whatever you choose complements the colors that you already have. It is also advisable to choose artworks that don’t get damaged by moisture since bathrooms are humid most times of the day.

Most of the above diy bathroom remodel ideas are simple to implement and budget-friendly too, so you have no excuse not to create a stylish, appealing and modern bathroom that you’ll be proud of.