Get Great Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to transform your small bathroom into a relaxing and cool space. In the current hard economic times, there are many ways to redesign and renovate your bathroom. In that regard, here are some great bathroom ideas on a budget.

Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

1. Add a Shower-Shelf

Bathroom Ideas on a Budget
Shower shelf

There are plenty of shelves that perfectly adhere to all types of tile walls using all-purpose construction adhesive. Evenly apply the adhesive on the back of the self, tape it in the right place and leave adhesive set for about 24 hours. Always keep in mind that this idea only works for tiled surfaces. Alternatively, you can consider buying shelving, which sticks with tension bars or suction cups.

2. Install a Curved-Curtain Rod

This is also one of the best bathroom ideas on a budget that provides you with more elbowroom in your shower. With its radius, installing a curved-curtain rod also gives your bathroom a unique, sleek look. You can buy new rings and curtain or use the available shower curtain as the rod for a complete new look. In fact, instead of installing glass doors, installing a curtain shower rod is one way of saving money.

3. Crown the Room

Crown molding can also make a huge impact in your bathroom. Crowning your bathroom can be a good idea. Since most bathrooms are relatively small, it becomes cheaper to add a variety of elegance for a few dollars. Unlike wood, urethane is a better choice for painted crown because it won’t contract or expand with humidity changes. Another advantage is that urethane molding is easy and quick to install with many adhesive nails and caulk and it’s also lightweight.

4. Give Your Old Faucets a completely New Look

New plumbing fixtures and fittings can give the bathroom an easy and quick face-lift. When replacing the single-handle shower faucets, consider using the shower trim kit because it has all the important parts for updating the look of your old faucet while maintaining old valves in place. These kits are only available for the single-handle faucets and always make sure to purchase the same brand/type as your current faucet.

5. Consider Putting Granite Vanity Tops

Granite vanity top

For many years, granite tops were commonly used in big-buck bathrooms. Now, you can cheaply get one for your small bathroom. Some come with a unique attached and under-mounted sink. Mounting a granite top with a back-splash on one side and along the back to protect the bathroom walls from water spills can be a good choice as well.

6. Frame the Bathroom Mirror

A wood or tile frame can add great style to your plain mirror, making it one of the best bathroom ideas on the budget since any tile or wood will work. Use mastic adhesive to apply the tile/wood mirror frame to the wall. Tape off the wall mirror and use grout that is not sanded to avoid scratching your mirror. Some wood mirror frames are cheaply available that you can buy.

Conclusively, all these bathroom ideas on a budget can transform your small bathroom into a cozy room.