Bathroom DIY Ideas for the Modern Family

Bathrooms may be small in size, but renovating or upgrading them could drain your bank account if you are not careful. Nowadays, a lot of people are opting for DIY solutions that are economical and yet very effective. Your bathroom needs a new look, and it may be the only way to impress your in-laws with your creative abilities. Here are ingenious DIY bathroom ideas you can copy.

DIY Bathroom Ideas

It’s all about the lighting

diy bathroom ideas
Bathroom lightning

When it comes to DIY bathroom remodeling, not many people think of light. The reason is that a very few people understand how much our subconscious impacts our emotions, feelings, and stimuli. Adding a couple of light bulbs in strategic spots, e.g., mirror side will go a long way in changing the outlook of your bathroom. Lighting also creates certain moods and feeling.

Pebbles on the floor

The bathroom floor is not only one of the most prominent spots in your bathroom, but it also gets to interact with anyone who is inside it, more than any other spots. You can transform your bathroom floor by covering it with pebbles of particular shapes and sizes. The pebbles are a beauty to look at, and they feel great on your foot while taking a bath.

Towels and curtains

Do you have some towels that you don’t want to use anymore and wondering how to dispose of it? Instead of getting rid of it, you could just turn it into a shower curtain and add some value to the aesthetics and presentation. If you don’t have towels, bright embroideries, blanket, and other fabrics can equally deliver a strong impression.

Granite wallpaper

If you are one of those people who love the look of granite, there is a way you could get it on your wall without having to buy a real one. Find a faux granite wallpaper design that suits your style and then stick it on your counter top. Granite wallpaper is one of those DIY bathroom ideas that can change the look of your bathroom with minimum cost.

TP wall storage

There is nothing more annoying that running out of tissue paper, or finding it hard to locate where you put them. Building a TP hold on the wall will help you quickly find them and know when you’re running low. All you need to do is construct a triangle, rectangle or square hold, with painted plywood, on the wall and stock it with TP. The look can be inspiring.

bathroom framed mirror
Framed mirror

Frame your mirror

Mirror framing is one of those DIY bathroom ideas that can give the impression of a proper organization. Look for very creative frame designs and change the outlook of your mirror. There is no limit to what you can achieve by remodeling bathroom mirrors with wood, molding, clips or tiles.

These DIY bathroom ideas are easy to complete and would cost you almost nothing. You must, however, create the time to achieve it, and put in some passion and dedication. It is not just about creating an impression; it’s about enjoying life in every way.